Offering software tools and libraries, developed by an engineer,
utilizing mechanical engineering and software development skills.


Engineering Tools

HydSalOne dimensional, open channel, time dependent water flow and salinity calculations.  Uses a graphical user interface in three modes: construction, calculation, and display of results.  Results can be displayed as an animated map with color coding or as a X-Y plot.  Parameters include head, velocity, flow, and salinity.  Batch mode calculation available.
RngAppO-Ring Sizing Tool
An application which assists in the selection of o-ring sizes based upon the application.  Displays the SAE AS-568A and SAE ARP-1833 seal groove sizes, tolerances, and surface finishes.
BoltAppBolt/Thread Sizing Tool
An application which assists in the selection of bolt size, thread pitch, and torque requirements based upon the load, bolt length, lubrication, and other parameters.  Contains data tables for threads based upon series, thread form, and grade.  Combines this with configuration information and list alternatives with the number of bolts required.  Based upon "Mechanical Engineering Design, Fourth Edition", by Shigley & Mitchell
uCalcProgUnit Conversion Calculator & Multiline Calculations.
Supports units from seven classifications: Mass, Length, Time, Charge, Angle, Temperature, and Mole count.  Automatically handles ISO standard prefixes like M, k, and m (plus others).  Checks user specified groupings for the most appropriate way to display the resulting unit (i.e. [lbf/in2]=[psi]).

Allows calculations like the following:

1.0e-4[km/s]*2.7[kg/s] = 0.27[N]

Equations can be stored in a stack for later retrieval.  The displays the result using the requested or 'most appropriate' units and number of digits precision.