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SoftDemosSoftware Feature/Procedure Demonstration Package
As an alternative to creating movies for demonstrations, this application uses snapshots with animated cursors, text, and images to augment help files.  Utilizes a graphic user interface for file creation and a freely distributed display program.  Files are stored in compressed binary format to minimize file size.
HelpGenWinHelp Context-Sensitive Help File Generator
Windows Help file generator which utilizes resources from a Visual C++ (MFC) project to construct context-sensitive help topics for menu and dialog.  Constructs and executes a console application which links to the RES file and enumerates the available resources and writes the data to a file which is then read by the User Interface and displayed for editing.  Includes a BMP (plus region information) to SHG converter.  Writes a RTF file which can be included in a WinHelp project to add the context-sensitive help.
Bmp2ShgWinHelp Segmented Hyper Graphics File (SHG) Generator
A batch processing console program that takes a bitmap file and a ASCII input file(s) and produces a segmented hyper graphics file for use with WinHelp.