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uCalc - Unit Conversion Calculator

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Unit Conversion Calculator.  Supports units from seven classifications: Mass, Length, Time, Charge, Angle, Temperature, and Mole count.  Automatically handles standard prefixes like M, k, and m (plus others).  Checks user specified groupings for the most appropriate way to display the resulting unit (i.e. [lbf/in2]=[psi]).

Allows calculations like the following:

1.0e-4[km/s]*2.7[kg/s] = 0.27[N]

Equations can be stored in a stack for later retrieval.  The displays the result using the requested or 'most appropriate' units and number of digits precision.

uProg - Small Programs with Units Application

There is also a similar application that uses the multiple-document interface to present the program and the results.  The program can contain simple control statements and uses the same unit conversion syntax as the uCalc Program.